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Gifts for Grads

A great gift for college or high school graduates is William Bernstein’s new book:  If You Can:  How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly.  This short (27 page) e-book is packed with essential information for those (of any age) just starting to save.   The price, 99 cents at Amazon, leaves room for another great gift:  Shares […]

Ally Bank’s Early Withdrawal Penalty

Ally Bank will change its early withdrawal penalty effective December 7, 2013.  CDs purchased or renewed on or after that date will have the new schedule. I have recommended Ally Bank’s 5-year CD product for several years.  With a 60 day withdrawal penalty, it was a great place to park emergency funds.  For a very […]

2013 Retirement Contribution Limits and Tax Changes

With so much drama regarding the “fiscal cliff,” I thought many of my clients would appreciate some “cliff notes” on the changes they’ll see in 2013.  But first, a quick look at some of the new retirement plan contribution limits for 2013: 401k, 403b employee contributions:  $17,500  (up $500 from last year) 401k, 403b age […]

Year-end Financial Planning Strategies

Most “Fiscal Cliff” financial strategies for year-end reviews are just common-sense financial planning strategies.  Financial crises seem to be the norm, and the possibility of rising taxes will be real for many years to come.  With that in mind, here are some timeless financial suggestions that should be reviewed annually: Tax-advantaged Accounts: Maximize contributions to […]

Fiscal Cliff: A Primer

Expiring tax breaks coupled with government spending cuts scheduled to begin with the new year have led to concern that a recession will result.  The lame-duck Congress meets this week, and while I don’t have high expectations for a clear tax policy by year-end, I am hopeful that some of the expiring tax breaks (listed […]

Medicare – Time to Validate Your Choice

It’s open enrollment time through December 7th for Medicare participants.   Clients who have already selected a Medicare plan should take a few minutes to compare your existing plan to others currently offered.  Validate your costs and coverages.  Go to www.medicare.gov for a quick review and comparison of your plan.

Tax Planning for 2013

We face the prospect of a darker tax climate in 2013 for investment income and gains. Under current law, higher-income taxpayers will face a 3.8% surtax on their investment income and gains. Additionally, if the EGTRRA and JGTRRA sunsets go into effect, all taxpayers will face higher taxes on investment income and gains, and the […]