IL BrightStart 529 Plan Ranks Well (at least the Vanguard side does!)

Allan Roth recently wrote an article for MoneyWatch on the CBS news website, comparing 529 Plans nationwide.  He took a look at the cost for age-based investment options within both advisor-sold and direct-access 529 Plans, and found the IL BrightStart 529 Plan is in the top 5 for low-cost plans.  Add our state’s small tax deduction for contributions, and it becomes one of the better plans offered in this country.

If you are a Clarus client with college-bound children, chances are good that you already have the Vanguard selection within your IL BrightStart 529 Plan.  If you don’t have Vanguard funds within your 529, maybe it’s time to revisit your choices.

Link to Allan Roth’s article: Top five 529 college plans – CBS News